Photo Gallery: The People behind the Music

Douwe Bob Posthuma

Douwe Bob Posthuma

Ben Volpeliere Pierrot (Curiosity killed the Cat)

Su Hart brings continents together

Su Hart in her band, Baka Beyond

Babak is a fascinating musician with his Babakodustan ensemble

Giorgio Conte

Paolo Conte

Joram Cay Bohëme Am by Natalija Valentic

Joram Cay Bohëme Am

Joram Cay Bohëme Am & Pascale Kemper in Joram's video "Sky"

Petula Clarke survived 6 decades of music

Petula Clarke

Lizzy Ling, a true first Lady on stage

Lizzy Ling. Singer and narrator, a delight to eyes and ears

Rick Astley

Kinky Brown & Deedo_S

may we call him the Godfather della Canzone?

Paolo Conte

Amina Annabi

Amina Annabi sings meaningful lyrics in the years of Arab spring

Antimoon's Album design

Lena Chamamyan

Lena Chamamyan

Lena Chamamyan

Curiosity killed the Cat with Video maker Andy Warhol in the last year before he died

Sally Nyolo is a great singer

Sally Nyolo. Photo by: Youri Lenquette

Kejsi Tola, one of the young stars of Albania

Kejsi Tola and collegue singer Olta Boka

Kejsi Tola when she'd just become a star in her country, aged 17

ageless women who still know find their way on stage

Melosa band

Vinsky Project

Xhensila Myrtezai

Xhensila Myrtezai

the people behind our fav music. Welcome to my Photo Gallery,

enjoy, Clementine.  Toulouse June 29  2013