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Copenhagen, May 31  2013

unfortunately this is one of the few occasions on which I don’t agree with Keith. What happened to him in 2006 in Germany? He remarked the lack of good sound engineering, but I think he was too mild on the music its self. Keith, listen my dear friend:

First you admit: “A disappointing version of “the Israelite” came out, speedy, non-refined and seasoned with vocals out of tune...”. But later on you say: “Sure, Kinky brown was a band with charm and a warm quality. This would ask for a more secure touch in sound technique”. I have my doubts about this. Bad sound is not always an excuse, not even in the open air.

I know reggae oriented groups that are more rough, more rooted. It’s cute that these guys sound unpolished and authentic at first sight, but meanwhile I think they have a lack of dynamics. Maybe Live on stage they have some introvert charm, a thing you start to feel once you’re there having a nice cool beer…  but in the media they don’t convince me.

On Deedoo_S  I agree with you, he’s an interesting musician. Pity I haven’t found any recent stuff from this guy. But if I do, I’ll give you hell of a warning!

Good news: Ensemble vide still exists (or at least a very nice band with that same name). See them @ Youtube:   Ensemble vide


Kinky Brown & Deedoo_S or the story of warm quality and technical lacks

London, October 5,  2008

The Saarland region lost it’s unique soulful Reggae band last year: Kinky Brown, known for covering Jamaican standards as well as for an old fashioned but spontaneous Ska sound. This morning - by chance -  I  read their name in my 2005 Diary and in the afternoon and this afternoon I took some time to have their songs in my player for a while.. so I’m kind of  redoing my thougths about Kinky Brown now.

origins of sound

Their genre extends from Justin Hinds (a Rastafari-influenced Jamaican Ska singer, conquering Kingston in the 60s), Bob Marley, only not to mention a flavour of the Australian formation the Valentines..  But also there are characteristics of “the Ethiopians” whose political engagement once caused riots in Jamaica.

I had the chance to see one of their performances autumn 2006 in Lebach, 20 minutes north from Saarbrücken. A disappointing version of “the Israelite” came out, speedy, non-refined and seasoned with vocals out of tune. It all reminded me of worst jams I’d seen that usually are performed after a good many fusts of beer. Fortunately a nicely played “Bar tender” restored the level. These guys canplay well, but don’t do so necessarily. The previous year – as I found out on You Tube, Kinky Brown didn’t do too badly while covering “54 46 was my number” though the singing was mediocre.

warm quality, doubtable level

One has to admit that the sound conditions on both events made it hard to make it all worth while, with hardly any reverb on moments when it would be welcome, definitely because it was open air. At the Lebach event I attended, a non-balance of sound wasted the best moments. Sure, Kinky brown was a band with charm and a warm quality. This would ask for a more secure touch in sound technique.

Who wants to see the guys in action can only rely on the media now, ’cause there are no more gigs left to expect. Not together at least. Each of the young men has his own background and qualities: Hajo singing German, Manuel Sattler bringing Saarländisch Music to live, Andreas feeling home with 60s classics and the decades after..

Deedoo_S, an artist with possibilities
But the artist that strikes me most is Deedoo_S. Born in France and moving to Germany in his early 20s, he has a lot of experiences from Classic percussion and violin to “Ensemble Vide”, an experimental Rockband in Paris but also Visuals and even a song for a Movie Soundtrack (“taking back Odiorne”, prod: Aaron Marinel, new Hampshire 2006) and besides CD cover design.
As a musician Deedoo_S is as influenced by Bob Marley as are his Kinky Brown companions, but also by David Bowie, the Ramones and Velvet Underground. But apart from all that, he’s a guy with fantasy and a precise eye for technical creation; to give you one example: “Behind the Lights”, his music video in 1995 intertwined acoustics and electronics. The clip is slightly surrealistic, or like one commentator said: “wie ein ganz übler Drogen Trip” (like a totally nasty drug trip).

a real worker
Besides, Deedoo_S has been the one to write Kinky Brown’s lyrics. He seems to be a worker. A tendency to work fast showed off in a One Day Production he did in France: the short silent movie “Raison” (he proudly mentions on one of his pages) featuring and shooting it by himself

His Myspace statistics – in spite of all this - are not overwhealming and the Saarbrucken region has remained his main playground up till now. The end of Kinky Brown might mean that after four years of  band music, Deedoo_S has a chance to dedicate himself to some of his other talents. The sense of  freedom he apparently has, can offer him a good part of the ride to success in more than one realm.

Keith Lane Chester