Joram C Bohëmɘ Am

Joram Cay Bohëmɘ Am

Amsterdam, June 26  2013

Joram C. Bohëmɘ Am seems to be a traveler, at least he’s done stages in London, Marrakech, Copenhagen, Milan, various places in Spain, a festival in Istanbul, and last November a concert in Paris.

I liked his jam in January 2013 which made clear that he’s greatly improved lately. Captivating was a song we heard of him in a Live broad cast of ‘Jazz @ the Crow’ (2010: Eindhoven, U-stream TV). Good voice, supple dynamics.

We’re curious to know what Joram is up to, now that he’s in a new band, announced on his website. The band still is (in Joram's own words) in a ”garage” phase of existence.

Ruth  Palmer

“Sky” =  Song from Joram’s album “Ask”


one of those travelers roaming around Europe singing from one crowd to another..

Joram, rhythmic and colourful

Amsterdam, May 18, 2006
I’ve been in Amsterdam for five days now to see some stage events. Amongst the artists at Polanentheater yesterday one person, Joram, was quite some delight to me, by his singing.

style of his own
Suddenly a guy put a spell on stage and the whole place was bewitched. In nice melodic, non fixed patterns embedded in sounds that were jazzily melancholic, he brought about a style much of his own, rhythmic and colourful.

His name was Joram, I´d been told on forehand. His nationality was not easy for me to guess. His English sounded clear but somewhat exotic, his French fluent but not appropriate to any belonging region, I´d say. I guess he's one of those travelers roaming around Europe backpacking and singing from one crowd to another...
In fact however - in spite of the traveling he does - he's been happy to be domestically based on ´s Hertogenbosch for quite some years.

good lyrics, jazzy timing.. ready to face the challenge of jam
His lyrics (at least the ones he gave to me after we had a chat in the foyer) express his personal view on modern life, a sense of  humour and the ability to see people he sings about, as a personage with contradictions. He’s got a narrative flow. His voice is souple and his eyes are sparkling. Still new here, he’s not used to all the fuzz yet. When a woman walked up to him to give him a compliment, he smiled but didn’t quite know what to say. 

Joram likes creating jungle rhythms and he has a jazzy timing while he sings. This makes his songs special and maybe a little too unexpected for some people. With a band he might sound more accessible. His collaborations this season have been with musicians of different ages and from different parts of the country, he told me. Next season he wants to do Jams with various back lines: more Sax, Chordeon, African or Oriental Percussion, he told me during our chat in the foyer. “These instruments would make me fall in love over and over” he said,  “and challenge me to make new songs and have my earlier songs reborn”

chanson made out of  poem
Subtly, some people were swinging while Joram sang “Enjoy” in his energetic way. Could it be his back ground as a dancer that brings such temperament to what he does, pleasantly awakening his audience....

After his last song, a chansonized poem, poppy with Arabic influences, he almost seemed shy by the abunancy he'd raised among his spectators. As he finally went off stage though the audience rather wouldn't let him go, I wondered:

how can he do all this on his own? Just imagine a good team to make Joram's work more finely staged  so his ideas can work out better in the future. Step one: a band (he's already getting oriented, playing with several musicians) and better sound engineering conditions right on the spot.

Honestly, in spite of some minor criticism on this performance I feel strong potential here. Joram is an enchanting artist who's shown us that doing ones own kind of songs (in spite of a certain risk) doesn't necessarily mean a denial to succes. I'm anxious to see what comes next. 

Keith L. Chester